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multiple subnet VPN

Client currently has multiple Cisco ASA 5505, site-to-site VPNS. I have configured the fortigate, and tested it and it works. The site to site VPN' s require their LAN subnet and their VoIP network to go over the VPN' s Remote networks are 15.0, 20.0, and 30.0 I have created the VPN tunnels with the wizard, and have multiple Phase 2 selectors. The main networks 15,20 & 30 work, but the VoIP network doesn' t work. It' s probably something to do with the policies, I have added the Phone network to the VPN policies, but I don' t think I did it right. What should I check
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Just wrote a new post about this I have had the same issue, it is very difficult to get multiple subnets to work this way. One option is to use a larger subnet that covers all three or use more phase2 one for each subnet.

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Please create one phase2 for each subnet behind the Cisco per phase1. No address names, address groups. Supernetting would be nice but usually not viable.


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