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migrate a Fortigate 100 C to a Fortigate 100E

Dear, I have to migrate a Fortigate 100 C that is in HA to a Fortigate 100E, it is clear that the fortigate 100C reaches software version 5.2.13 and Fortigate 100E 5.4.0.

I am evaluating two options:

- Use another Fortigate 100D down to 5.2.13 and pass the .conf (backup 100C modified for 100D), then take it to the most current version. Download the .conf again (modified for 100E). - Another could be, Forticonverter, is payment of forti fori?

Does anyone have any other proposal?

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How many  policy ids ? address ? services ? 


Unless your doing something heavy I would copy out the  service, firewall addr/addr-groups and policies.

Fix up the  interfaces and paste these back into the FGT100E and test and monitor.


Ken Felix




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