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Web Cache Not Working?

Hi All,

We have a FortiGate 100D Cluster (Active-Active), running Version 5.2.2 Build 642 (GA). We have several IPv4 Policies permitting access to the Internet from several different subnets. On each policy we have Web Cache enabled.

However, when I look at the Cache Monitor in WAN Opt & Cache, I see No Data, indicating that nothing is being cached. Could someone please give me some pointers on what I should look at next to troubleshoot this issue.


Many thanks,



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Check your cache settings to see if anything is actually allocated to it.  Also check to see if logging to disk is actually active.  See also Web Caching and HA.


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NSE4/FMG-VM64/FortiAnalyzer-VM/6.0 (FWF30E/FW92D/FGT200D/FGT101E/FGT81E)/ FAP220B/221C

ISOffice wrote:

Will do.

Still finding my way around the FortiGates. They are a good product, we just need to sort out a few minor issues.


I have been working with them since 2006, and I have gone through alot with them, they are great! and since 5.2 they are much better in regards to bugs.


Please email me your issues and I´ll try to help. View my profile and email from there.

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Hi all,

Just a quick update on this issue. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, Fortinet Support were unable to supply a solution. Their final recommendation is to re-image the appliances with the latest firmware version (5.2.2) or wait for version 5.2.3 which should be released "by end of February".

Will post any further developments.

John P


Thanks let us know after you upgrade to new firmware. 

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I have FG80D and face same problem but because I look very carefully I can present you the perspective.

- I have like 15 firewall rules LAN > WAN. After basic setup I start enable functions and see "what is happening" :)

- after I enable Web Cache to all rules at the bandwidth here ... the machine beging to be quite load.

- I start disabling web cache till all rules was not using web cache. the machine load was back to normal again.

- after 5 days while I was investigate ALL Features ... I enable web cache again and .. NO DATA.

- I try to restart "the service" but no data continue.

I will try to restart the machine on a time of low usage of the network to see if something fix after reboot.


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even after machine reboot ... WEB CACHE still shows no data. After reboot the Traffic Shaping begin to show real shapers ... during installation I setup more and machine get crazy and not sowing up but after reboot shapers graphics are ok.

only WEB CACHE is making problems. what do we do ?


"diagnose wacs stats" shows "wa_cs daemon is not running". great :)

"diagnose wacs restart" shows same result !


did anyone have idea how to restart wa_cs daemon  ?

 (rebooting machines few times not solved problem, formatting the disk (who delete logs and cache not fix problem too))

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Hi All,


This is helpful for me to resolve the issue in my client network.


Regards / Ramesh M

Ramesh M Technical Specialist - CCNA(Security), FCNSP, ACE, ASE, ITIL

Ramesh M Technical Specialist - CCNA(Security), FCNSP, ACE, ASE, ITIL

Hi all,


Just a quick update on our situation here. We ran a firmware upgrade and are now operating the 100D Cluster on Version 5.2.3, Build670 (GA).

After the upgrade web caching was still NOT working.

However, I created a WAN Opt. Profile for HTTP, Byte Caching only and applied this to a test IPv4 policy. Now I am seeing hits in my Cache Monitor where previously it had stated 'No Data'. I'm also seeing that space allocated to WAN Optimization & Web Cache is now being used (System > Config > Advanced - Disk Management).

To say I'm confused is an understatement. My understanding was that, to enable web caching, it was simply a case of switching on Web Cache within the IPv4 policy. No mention was made of creating a WAN Opt. Profile.

Has anybody any suggestions as to what may be happening here? Is there a field somewhere within a log file which may indicate that content has been returned from cache and not the Internet?

Also, please feel free to point out if I'm being an idiot in regard to this issue, constructive criticism is always welcome!!

Many thanks for your time,

John P


I'm running a pair of FG100D's with 5.0.11 and web caching enabled.


The Cache Monitor seems a little flakey. Occasionally the web cache will show "No Data". Clicking on Config Advanced and then going back to the Cahe Monitor sometimes fixes this for me at least.


When changing the Period the graph axis labels with often be incorrect too. Changing it back and forth can fix it.


It's good to see the caching working although I'd have to ask our clients if they notice any difference.


How do you test the web cache response times?


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