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In the main FortiGate dashboard, when I click on my login name->Configuration->Revisions, the last revision I see is prior to upgrading from 6.4.9 to 6.4.11. Any revisions I have done on 6.4.11 are only visible in the CLI when I run the command "exec...
Does anyone have a FG80D running 5.6.x or 6.0.x? I have a FG80D running 5.4.7. As of 5.4.2 Fortinet removed https server load balancing from low end units apart from the 80C.From 5.4.2 release notes."Removed SSL/HTTPS/SMTPS/IMAPS/POP3SSSL/HTTPS/SMTPS...
Hello! I understand that FortiToken Mobile licenses are purchased in packs of 5 or more and the license pack is tied to the unit that it is activated on. Is there any way to split the packs so I can move individual FortiTokens to another FortiGate? I...
I have the task of migrating users on a business park from one ISP to another. With the current ISP we have a /23 subnet. The new one has given us a /24 as a start. Each client has their own VLAN with their own subnet, /30, /29 etc. Is there any way ...
My account manager confirmed to me today that the FortiGate 40C is End of Life. You can still buy them, in packs of 10. The recommended replacement is the FortiGate 30D.
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