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USB Issue

Existing Fortigate 100A in my office, and I' d like to make some major changes to the config, but as a proper IT admin, I' d like to back it up first. But through the web gui or CLI, no matter which of the umpteen usb drives I put into either usb slot (2 of them) on the back, the unit does not recognize any of them. The gui shows the " USB Disk" option as grayed out, and the cli tells me no usb drive is " plugged-in" . Error -160. (using: execute backup config usb filename) If I select the " Local PC" option on the gui, I get " No Access" + " You do not have permission to access the requested page." I' m on a full admin profile with read+write for everything. The usb drives I am trying are formatted FAT16 for just this task. I tried the encrypt with password option, but no luck. The FortiOS I believe is v3 MR5 or 6, but I am not too exactly which MR as it will not tell me other than Fortigate-100A 3.00,build0319,060724 Any help?
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I am not familiar with this version of the firmware, but it sounds as if you have some sort of vdoms enabled. If so there should be an option somewhere on the GUI to select the Global or root VDOM. From there you should be able to back up the config. Regarding the USB disk option -- you need to have the USB stick inserted into the USB port prior to the Fortigate booting up. After the reboot, it should see the storage device. edit: I would have the unit power down before inserting/removing any USB sticks. (just to be on the safe side.)

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NSE4/FMG-VM64/FortiAnalyzer-VM/6.0 (FWF30E/FW92D/FGT200D/FGT101E/FGT81E)/ FAP220B/221C
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No, nothing about VDOM anywhere in the GUI. Apparently this box has been purring like a kitten with uptime measured in years before I arrived. I' ll attempt the ftp or tftp options.
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To find you firmware version, check here.

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Bob - self proclaimed posting junkie!See my Fortigate related scripts at:
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FG100A2906503745 $ execute backup config tftp fgbackup.cfg <server_ip> Please wait... Connect to tftp server <server_ip> ... # Send config file to tftp server OK. FG100A2906503745 $ execute backup full-config tftp fullcfg.cfg <server_ip> command parse error before ' full-config' Command fail. Return code -61 - Yay, at least the standard config is safe. Am I to take it that v3 MR2 has no VDOMs and that is why a full-config request is not understood?
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I cannot comment on the VDOM question although I believe that VDOMs were already present in FOS 3.00. The only USB stick which was recognized in FOS 3.00 is the one sold by Fortinet. It held some hundreds of files which were checked upon insertion. If not present, no dice. Fortinet dropped that behavior later, in FOS 4.00 I think. So nowadays each and every USB stick will do just fine. And of course hot-plugging is allowed as it' s an USB feature. No need to reboot either. As long as you have the ' normal' backup, AND some notices about the passwords used (admins, users, VPN PSKs, interface PPPoE etc.), you' ve got everything you need. While you' re at it, why not upgrade to the latest patch in FOS 3.00 which is 3.7.10 build 754. At that time (Jan 2011) this was a stable release.


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