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Hey folks. I know many of you have grown accustomed to using the scripts I have on my web site. Well it seems Verizon (FiOS) decided to disable HTTP traffic inbound on home accounts. Those scripts are no longer viewable from the Internet. I'm sorry t...
I have just finished an Ansible class for my job (switches and such) and was trying to connect with my Fortigate. No Bueno! Anyone have any luck using Ansible to connect to their Fortigate? Thanks in advance.
My ESX virtual host took a dirt nap. Since it is simply a pet project of mine and not generating any cash, it's replacement has to be set on a back burner for a spell. I'm hoping to have it up in a week or two, but it is going to take quite a bit of ...
pavi wrote:Hello Bob! Do you happen to be the author of ? If yes, the url-redirect appears to have broken the script (the form action still refers to action="urlfilter.cgi", instead of the expected [I ...
A colleague of mine got hit because they had forgot about an RDP pinhole left open. The local computer seemed untouched, but their NAS with all their backups and archives was completely encrypted. "New Bip Dharma Ransomware Variant Released" Read mor...
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