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Routing problem with two ISP connected an two virtual WAN FGT80C

Hello, I find this anomaly on a FORTINET 80C (internet exit route):

I have two WAN connected WAN1 with provider in MPLS and WAN2 divided into 2 virtual called WAN2.1 (Internet provider 1 vlan7) and WAN2.2 (Internet provider 2 vlan8) new activation, the problem that impacts me is the fact that I can run the users on the new line "connected" to WAN2.2, I added the static route with distance equal to that of WAN2.1 but with lower weight in order to make it the main but does not work, what can depend ? The policies entered seem correct, I read other forms but they talk about balancing, but I do not need to balance I need to differentiate the Internet traffic of the server network on WAN2.1 and the client traffic on WAN2.2. I have excluded to use the route policy because it would inhibit the traffic on the WAN1, I tested today. Another strange thing, if I change the default route by setting the WAN2.2 as the main clients ping the public addresses but do not resolve the names ??, while the network serves do not surf more completely.

I thank in advance who can give me some tips, and sorry my English partly helped by google ....

Thank you

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Try setting the weight the same on both WAN2.1 and WAN2.2 and us "Policy Route" to split the interesting traffic between the two.


One policy route to direct server traffic and one for the users.

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See my Fortigate related scripts at:

Bob - self proclaimed posting junkie!See my Fortigate related scripts at:

Hello thanks for the reply, I've already tried but configuring the policy route with gateway the WAN2.2 address works but the traffic on the WAN1 (MPLS) is no longer routed

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Normally you would set default or more specific static routes with equal distances, but with different priorities.  Matching routes would be found by the most specific, followed by the smallest distance, followed by the highest priority.  Static routes with the same distance but different priorities would remain in the routing table.  Policy routes based on source or service can then be used to route to the interfaces in the routing table that have lower priority and would not be otherwise hit.  Discussion of something similar at


Does this match what you're trying to do?


If that still doesn't answer your question, please give more detail about your situation:

  • Which clients and/or services should be routed out wan1, wan2.1, and wan2.2
  • In which direction will connections be initiated.  For example, are the servers you want accessible on wan2.1 the only hosts that should be initiating outbound connections on wan2.1?  Is wan2.1 the only interface that should allow inbound connections to be initiated?
  • I assume you're using VIPs for the servers?  Are you also using IP Pools?
  • Details of your static routes and policy routes[/ul]
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