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Two different websites (domains) on two different internall IIS servers on same port 443

I have a small problem but I didn't find a solution here. (I´m not expert)
I have two domains eg "" and ""
Both are routed to the internal network via 2 separate policies and two virtual IPs to two different IIS servers with two different internal addresses: -> (VIP dest1) -> (VIP dest2)
But on the same SSL port 443

VIPs are set:
WAN IP -> with port forwarding "one to one" 443->443 (the second is the same only with a different IP address and name)

There are one policy for each VIP:
Outside int->Inside int
Source ALL, Destination dest1 (dest2 for second policy), Service ALL, SSL certificate inspection

The SSL port of the firewall is changed to different

If I enter "" from the outside, the page from the internal IIS server opens normally, but if I enter "", I don't get to it, because it is not directed to the correct server, but instead to it is still routed to where it is not.

When I had both websites on the same server, there was no problem, but now it had to change and I don't know how to do it - so far I have set routing via port (for dest2 I changed the external port and added it to the address) and at that moment it correctly opens from server (instead of trying from .2).

How to solve this, so that I don't have to have a port in the address and traffic is routed correctly?


I don't think the VIP is aware of the domain name?  IMHO this isn't possible without using a different public IP or a different port.


Hi @Martasss ,


I think for this you can use virtual server feature and play with HTTP host header.. 

Check this if that helps:



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