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Question about connecting devices (Catalyst Switches)



I have a Fortigate 401F that I currently have access to via the mgmt interface. This interface is connected to one of my core switches (catalyst 9300) via cat6 and I can reach it at 10.Y.X.115/25. The Fortigate and my switches are all in the same subnet 10.Y.X.0/25

I can ping the Fortigate from every switch in my network, so I know that all the switches can reach the fortigate.


My question comes into play because I am attempting to use the x3 interface (with an SFP transceiver from Fortinet) to connect to one of my switches (for example, SW-30). I have fiber run from SW-30 to the MDF in my primary server room, and when I plug in my NetScout, the interface on SW-30 comes up.

When I insert the fiber into x3 on the Fortigate, the interface on SW-30 goes down, and x3 continues to stay down.

At first I thought this was because x3 does not have an IP assigned to it, but when I attempt to put it on 10.Y.X.31 /25 it says I can have it on the same subnet as mgmt.

I will admit I am new to Fortigate products (and firewall configuration as a whole) but I am wondering what I am missing, and I'm not sure why x3 is not coming up.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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1G with 10G cannot bring your link up unless you set it to auto or 1G.

You can change X interface speed on FG via CLI. Or better, you can use 1G port, since 10G port is expensive so it is a waste to use it for 1G.

Regarding IP conflict, check if your management port is "dedicated to management". You should find this on GUI or on CLI.


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There is no STP info available on the Cisco for that interface. The interface (Te1/1/2) is not in the blocked port list.

The interface itself is in trunk mode for the vlan that all of my switches live on (10.Y.X.0 /25).



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