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Connecting FortiSwitch (using FortiLink) to downstream HP Switches

I have two switches that I'm starting with.

 - HP Switch 1 has good link/activity lights. I can ping it and devices connected to it.

 - HP Switch 2 has good link/activity lights. I can not ping it or devices connected to it


I went line by line in the config of both HP switches and the only difference I found was

 - HP Switch 1 has lldp compliance cdp

 - HP Switch 2 has lldp global enable


I know lldp is Link Layer Discovery Protocol but I'm not clear on what it does or if this is my roadblock.


Thank you in advance for assistance.







Starting in FortiSwitchOS 6.4.0, you can run FortiLink mode over a point-to-point layer-2 network. You can form an inter-switch link (ISL) between two FortiSwitch units over a layer-2 device or non-FortiSwitch device (such as a wireless bridge). To create this topology, you configure ports on both ends of the link as described in the following procedure and, optionally, configure the tag protocol identifier (TPID) between the two FortiSwitch units.

Raghuram Kumar

Thank you for the reply. I think putting FortLink in the subject may have made things confusing. FortiLink connects the FortiSwicth to my FortiGate for management purposes. The issue I'm having has to do with one out of two HP switches not passing traffic thru the FortSwitch


So, if I get it right the two HP switches are connected directly to the FSW set up in FortiLink mode or in daisy chain FSW-HP-HP?

The LLDP/CDP will not interfere here as long the switches are not powered by PoE.

The common problem with switch inter connection is the uplink (tagged/trunk) configuration and allowed VLANs. Make sure that the appropriate VLANs are configured on this ports on both switches.

- Emirjon
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