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No luck Blocking the Fortnite Video game by Epic Games

I work for a school that is requesting us to block the Fornite game from being played. However it appears using the Web Filter and reclassifying the URL only solves users from browsing to that website. I am trying to block the Fortnite game from connecting to the EpicGames servers, It appears they use Amazon Web services which seems to be tricky when blocking applications. I do see that Fortinet has Epic.Games listed as an Application finally. I have blocked this under application control, now half of the students that try to play cant and the other half still can. I'm new to this stuff so this has been a fun experience.


Any one have any luck blocking this? If so what did you do to achieve this? 

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Try to determine the URL(s) used by the game and add the appropriate URLs (you can use wildcards or even RegEx here) with an action of block. You should be able to figure out the URLs in the Web filter log. I am not familiar with the game but if the phrase 'fortnite' is in these URLs used you can create a wildcard entry of *fortnite* and set to block. That is a simple example but generally I try to be as specific as possible so as not to block legitimate traffic that may contain the same phrase.





Hello everyone.I am working as a teacher too, and the kids are pretty often playing minecraft at my lessons. They have created a server and are making fun at my lessons, instead of paying attention. I would really like to know how to stop it. Thank you in advance

   Have you tried using Application Control in security rule with the Minecraft app blocked, according to the Fortiguard it should be doable:


The same goes for Fortnite:  

Yuri  blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.
Yuri blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.
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i actually had to reverse it to allow it in my house.


I have a list or port numbers for you to block, try that and see if that helps.


Also, one way of blocking to to set your policies to only allow http/s out.


For example, i typically havd a dns out policy that allows all internal to access

next i do a NTP one just for times sake

then a policy for http/s traffic.

after that is anything that is custom, smtp, cloud, what have you.  that way only allowed traffic is going out, everything else stays inside and cant do anything.




The one that really seems to get it all is the 9000 range.


You can block websites and services manually from every computer in your class: 1.Make sure you have administrator access on your computer. Sign in to your PC using an administrator account and go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ 2. Double-click the file named "hosts" and select Notepad from the list of programs to open the file. Click OK. The last two lines of your hosts file should read "# localhost" and "# ::1 localhost". 2a. In case you can't edit the file, you'll need to right-click the file labelled hosts and select Properties. Click the Security tab, select the administrator account and click Edit.


 Thanks for your share. Yurisk
" Have you tried using Application Control in security rule with the Minecraft app blocked, according to the Fortiguard it should be doable: 


The same goes for Fortnite:  drift boss

Yuri  blog: All things Fortinet, no ads."

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What firewall can I use to block CS: GO effectively from all the school PCs?

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I'm not a computer science teacher, but I was asked to help the school to ban all the games kids play in the time of classes. Thanks for the tips!


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