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New Feature with FortiOS Upgrade

Hi, In this week I need to upgrade FortiOS from 4.0 MR3 patch11 Build # 646 -> 4.3.15 -> 5.0.7 -> 5.0.9 and I wanna know what will be with the some functionality which is absent or less in the new Firmware 5.0.9 but was in 4.0 ? Or there may be some other problem with this? Could you tell me, so I could prepare well to this upgrade?

HI Mgoral, You should take a look at the documentation for 5.0, specifically the ' what' s new' section and release-information here Some thing to note...if at all possible, its better to get physical access to the box, back up the config, reboot it, interrupt the boot sequence, format it, upload the very latest (can jump right to 5.0.9), then upload your config and tweak.
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I did essentially the same upgrade path on a FGT-620B and found that the vulnerability scanner was gone. Turns out that there is a smaller one now in the FGT and the one in the FAZ is totally gone. I made the jump based on the versions in the release notes and it only took a couple of steps to get there. No issues on the configuration . --Ron
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