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Weird network errors, guess who the culprit was?

FortiClient for OS X. I installed this a few weeks ago because of company policy. Since that time I have been experiencing weird network problems. A plugin to Eclipse that wouldn' t install (http 400 error). Antivirus running in VMWare that wouldn' t update. Software updates that failed. I have spent hours reinstalling software, trying different networks, I even set up a http proxy to debug the errors, but no errors were found on my side. Quit FortiClient, and all the problems disappeared. Unbelievable!

What is the OS X version and FortiClient version? Can you backup the config and attach?
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OS X: 10.9.5 FortiClient: Config attached (with all encoded values removed). -Anders

Good day Anders. I need more details from you for the Eclipse plugin report because I cannot replicate this. - What is your Eclipse version? - What plugin are you installing? Version? - Please provide me with a log file while installing the plugin. * Unlock GUI to perform administrative functions. * Clear Logs first, " FortiClient->Preferences->Logging->Clear Logs" * Turn on debug mode, " FortiClient->Preferences->Logging->Set log level to" * Perform plugin installation * Download Logs, " FortiClient->Preferences->Logging->Download Logs" I imported your configuration to my FortiClient. I noticed that real-time protection (RTP) is turned on. I would like to isolate that this report is not caused by the anti-virus engine. - Unlock GUI to perform administrative functions. - Disable RTP. - Perform plugin installation Can you now install the plugin? Thank you. Regards, Alberto

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