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My work uses FortiClient to allow us to work remotely. Can they monitor my activity?

We installed FortiClient to our personal computers. It’s something we turn on to connect to a database, and then turn off when we’re done.

Last night, I forgot to turn off FortiClient after doing some work, and spent a while watching random YouTube videos. Nothing too bad, it would just be embarrassing if someone from work was monitoring my private Internet usage.

Is it possible for my employer to monitor my private Internet usage while I’m connected to FortiClient?


Hi @kjenaneta ,

Yes it is possible, your network activity will be visible. 

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it depends on if the Split tunneling mode. If it is not enabled for your SSLVPN traffic, then all the traffic goes through your corporate firewall. However, most company enables it. Because it allows to not process unnecessary traffic from SSL-VPN clients. Go through the KB to get acquainted.

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Just based off the topic I would assume your an end user that does not have access to the firewall to check for split tunneling. So yes it can be monitored if split tunneling is not enabled. Basically any and all traffic would go through your company firewall before it reaches you. You can however check by seeing what your IP is showing when you connect to the VPN. Check a public website for your IP info before getting on the VPN if it stays the same once you connect to the VPN you are good. If it changes IP then your traffic is going through your company firewall and you can be monitored


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