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License period when renew license for expired Fortigate firewall.

Hi all,


I have two Fortigate 100D firewalls. They were registered and accosiated with my fortinet account, but i have not used those for a time. They are keeping in my stock, and their licenses have been expired since December of last year (Dec-2017).

And now i have a plan to use those equipment on next months (Sep-2018), i want to renew their UTM bundle license but i have a concern need your help.

When i renew UTM bundle for one year license of those two fortigate 100D firewalls, the one year effective license will continue from the date i buy and add new license (Sep-2018) or it will continue from Dec-2017.

Please help me to indentify this problem. 

Thank you very much.

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Afaik it will start the moment you add the new license.


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We had the same issue in the past. If you "renew", means the same service, the contract now, it would be valid from Dec. 2017 until Dec. 2018 as if the service has never expired. If you buy a new (different) service, like used to be 8x5 forticare but now 24x7, it would start now Aug. 2018 and valid until Aug. 2019.

But their policy might have changed. Contact a sales person at an Fortinet reseller.

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Actually, the official word for this (backdating expired contracts) is that the new contract will be backdated to the expiry date BUT not longer than 6 months.

So in this case, the old contract expired in Dec 2017, the new contract is registered in Sept 2018, it will start in (Sept -6 = March) March 2018, running till March 2019.


To be 100% sure, ask a Fortinet partner for a quote. They will ask their distributor for a quote using the FGT's serial number (which you will have to supply), and the distri will look it up with Fortinet.


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I remember I heard about the backdating limitation. But I don't remember if I heard the new contract could last beyond the previous anniversary expiration date. 

nhiepphong200, please let us know when you figured out the conditions.

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I have to agree with Ede, but contact the fortigate  contracts  team and be sure.






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emnoc wrote:

I have to agree with Ede, but contact the fortigate  contracts  team and be sure.




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From what I can tell, the policy is called "Continuous Service Policy" (dated May 27th, 2010), as noted in this PDF document housed at  It would be interesting to know if there is a more current version of this or similar document.  




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