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Is FortiGate 7.2 stable enough for production environment?

Is FortiGate 7.2 stable enough for production environment?  Any known major bugs?  I have a simple 4 site implementation using FortiAnalizer, FortiManager, WebFiltering, FortiAP, and FortSwitches.


Dear Amoore,


Thank you for posting to Fortinet Community Forum.


I understand that you want to know if there are any bugs or vulnerabilities in this latest firmware v7.2.0.


In general, 7.0.3 would be most stable version currently. It contains bug fixes resolving issues in earlier 7.0.x versions, but not the new features of 7.2

Please find the FortiOS version 7.2.0 release notes where you can see a list of known issues and resolved issues in this version:

Please let me know if you have any further queries/concerns.



Waqas Arshad
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I am upgrading  FortiOS 7.2.4 firmware from FortiOS 7.0.12. I got the Alert message " Could not find a valid upgrade path for this firmware version. Ensure that upgrading to FortiOS v 7.2.4build1396 from FortiOS v 7.0.12 build0523 is supported, otherwise it may result in the lost of configuration" what does it mean? is it stable or not ?


According to the Upgrade Path utility, the only valid update from 7.0.12 to 7.2 code is directly to 7.2.5, so from 7.0.12 to 7.2.4 is not supported. Can't answer to the stability of 7.2.5 code, so will let someone else chime in on that one.


Hey ansariowais,

you might not be able to upgrade from 7.0.12 to 7.2.4 because 7.0.12 was released after 7.2.4; 7.2.4 came out in January 2023, and 7.0.12 in June 2023.

-> 7.0.12 might include bug fixes and changes to the firmware that were not included in 7.2.4 and are only be included in 7.2.5, which was also just released.

As for stability, I'm not aware of any major issues in 7.2.5, but it was only released a short time ago. In any case, I would suggest consulting the release notes to check the known issues section and verify if there is anything of concern.

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