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Intune - Package FortiClient Cloud .MSI with MST that contains Invite & Telemetry Codes


Is it possible to create a custom app package that contains the .MSI and a manifest file (.MST) with both the invite and telemetry codes? I have found a couple posts with command line arguments but they don't seem to work when running them on the my test device - it's still asking for both. Commands I've found on other posts:


C:\Program Files\Fortinet\FortiClient> FortiESNAC.exe -c REG_REG_TO_CLOUD -r <invite code>


FortiESNAC.exe -r ems-ip/FQDN -k telemetry-key <telemetry key>


Essentially, I'm attempting to do an org roll out via Microsoft Intune and using the documentation produced, I've only found solutions for mobile devices and need to roll out to PC's. I've created a custom MST under the Property table I've injected values "ems_key" for telemetry code and "invitation_code" for the invitation code. It seemed to have not worked. Do they require to be in a different table, or is this not possible?


install command: msiexec /i "FortiClient.msi" /qn TRANSFORMS=custom.mst

Any tips, help or guidance is much appreciated



Please check this link:

Configuring the FortiClient application in Intune | FortiClient 7.0.0 | Fortinet Document Library

It uses IntuneWinAppUtil.exe to create package.
Maybe this will help


Hi @xshkurti! thanks for replying here,


This is what I followed to create the .intune file for a Win32 app implementation into Intune - it will install the app perfectly on my test devices, however the MST I created and compiled with the MSI doesn't apply the invitation code, or the telemetry code sadly. That's the part I'm trying to figure out - it seems it could be done with a post-install script, but the commands I've found on here from others seem to not be working either 

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