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Import IP Addresses



Is it possible to import a list of IP Addresses and Subnets from a text or csv file into 201F? The firmware version is v7.0.11 build0489.






You may consider to use threat feeds. Please find the details by following the link below:


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if you can run a Python script, you may use mine:


It does not only import addresses from a file, but enumerates them and distributes them into address groups, taking care of address group maximum sizes. In the end, a super address group will be created holding all addresses.

Note: as this is an "offline" script, i.e. without a live contact to the FGT, it will create a second script to delete all those addresses and address groups again. So, updating the content will need an import - delete - import new cycle.


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1. Prepare your text or CSV file with the list of IP addresses and subnets. Ensure that each entry is on a separate line, with each IP address or subnet in CIDR notation.

2. Connect to the FortiGate using SSH or console access and log in to the CLI.

3. Enter the following command to enter the global configuration mode:

config firewall address

4. Now, you can use a loop in the CLI to add each IP address or subnet from your file individually. Use the following command as an example:

edit <address-name>
set subnet <IP-address-or-subnet>

Replace `<address-name>` with a unique name for the address object, and `<IP-address-or-subnet>` with the IP address or subnet you want to add.

Repeat this command for each entry in your file, replacing the `<address-name>` and `<IP-address-or-subnet>` accordingly.

5. Once you have added all the IP addresses and subnets, exit the configuration mode by entering:


6. Verify that the IP addresses and subnets have been added successfully by checking the address list using the appropriate show commands.


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