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I have the following problem.I cannot change the certificate for SSLVPN on my Forticlient (7.0.12)I have added the new certificate on the FortiEMS.I have already removed the client from the EMS and added it again but no improvement
Hello everyoneI am running a Fortimanager with 7.4.2On the Fortimanager I have div ADOM.I have entered an address object in an ADOM (Any Interface) and want to synchronize it with the Fortigate (100F). Now that works. Does anyone have a tip why this ...
Hello TogetherOn the Fortigate 80F I have 2 SFP interface which are shared interface. Can I use them as a single interface?On the Fortigate runs 7.4.1
Hello TogetherI would like to access my NAS via ZTNA.Now I have the problem that I get the message Invaild ZTNA CertificateError code:002Certificate info: No-end-point info found, Client certificate is no provided.I have done this as described by For...
Hello TogetherFor the documantion for the Fortiswitch, Doucusnap is used by the customer.The Fortiswitches are only connected to the Fortigate via Fortilink.I can make the Fortiswitch accessible via SNMP and ping?