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hello togetherIs it possible to use a Forticlient with 7.2.1 when the Fortigate has 6.4.7 in use?
Hello TogetherI have the problem that I can not impot Local CA.The error message I get would beCertificate file is not CA
Hello TogetherI am running a FortiWEB and Fortigate.Can it be a problem if I run the FortiWEB in the HA cluster and the Fortigate in the HA cluster with the same default group number?The FortiWEB is a VM.
Hello TogetherI have the following problem.I have a Fortigate in HA cluster and VDOM in use.I have added the foritgate in the analyzer.Now the problem is I don't see any VLAN interface in the root VDOM.Does anyone have any idea?
Hello everyoneI have the following problemOn page A I have a Foritgate with incoming traffic.Now the problem is the SRV's are on Fortigate side B.There is another IPSEC tunnel between the two Fortigates.How exactly do I have to configure the VIP ther...
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