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Hello TogetherI have the following problem.I have a Fortigate in HA cluster and VDOM in use.I have added the foritgate in the analyzer.Now the problem is I don't see any VLAN interface in the root VDOM.Does anyone have any idea?
Hello everyoneI have the following problemOn page A I have a Foritgate with incoming traffic.Now the problem is the SRV's are on Fortigate side B.There is another IPSEC tunnel between the two Fortigates.How exactly do I have to configure the VIP ther...
Hello everyoneFor https user authentication from WAN via a VIP.What do I have to configure there?Does anyone have any tips or has already done so?Thank you for your help
Hello everyoneI wanted to ask you.If you order licenses for FortiVM no matter which Vm.How long does it take you to get your license?For me, I have to wait about 4-5 days. To this day I don't know why.
Hello everyoneI have the following problem with a customer.The customer customer has an Exchange on-Perm.For OWA access, this runs through the FortiWEB VM.Now the problem is that this connection does not work again and again. When I check the FortiWe...
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