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IPSEC: Unable to reach tunnel gateway/policy server

In our organisation if we login too quickly to our devices we see the following error message 


"Unable to reach tunnel gateway/policy server"


After clearing the message the IPSEC connection does kick in. If you are little slower logging in to the system then you likely don't see the error message. 


Is there a way to suppress this error message?


Or does anyone have any tips to avoid getting the error in the first place. 




Could you please elaborate your scenario? Are you referring to FortiClient trying to establish IPsec connection with FortiGate? 


Hi Andyhill,
Hope you are doing good.

Kindly share the following to understand the issue:

==> Please let us know if the issue is for all users or few users ?

==> Is it SSL VPN setup or you are facing the issue with Dial up VPN ?

==> Let us know the forticlient version you have ?



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@abarushka yes the IPsec conneciton is with Fortigate. 


@parteeksharma it technically would be a dial up VPN but we also see the same message when using the SSL VPN, although that tends to connect quicker and therefore we see the message less. The version we are on is 6.4.9, this does impact all users depending on the speed with which they log in to their computers. 


Again the connections do complete and function correctly but they take long enough to connect that users see "Unable to reach tunnel gateway/policy server" which generates unncessary phone calls to our Service Desk.


Hi, I would recommend to open ticket for the EMS/FCT. They will be able to assist, help you gather logs if this is forticlient issue. I would suggest to check which devices and which systems are reporting this problem - which windows version for example.


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