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Https acces to the firewall



I have a new fortigate installed yesterday

Today at the morning i entered normally. 


Now that I am trying the page does not load and the login does not open


Any ideeas??


Thanks and regards, 



Hi Konstantinos,


First try to ping the IP to verify if network connectivity is ok.

Then SSH login, if you can SSH then check if http/https service is enabled on the interface








How do I check the service?

The thing is that i have this issue from the outside 

From internal net I can login normally. 





On the interface facing internet check the allowaccess:


Can you SSH from outside ?

Also, is public IP on the Fortigate ? Therefore no NAT and portforward required in front of it ?




Hi Team,


If you aare not able to login to foritgate firewall from external network:

1. Check if https is enabled in the wan interface

2. Check if there is any VIP configured for that IP on that interface, may be the traffic is getting DNATed

3. Also you can take sniffer, lets say if you are accessing firewall from this iP address (a.b.c.d), you can execute this command:

diag sniffer packet any 'host a.b.c.d and port <port-number>' 4 0 a

Just see whats happening with this packet


The matter is sth with the http service 
Probably it was stuck

I could normally login from the inside
I could normally SSH from the outside


Only the https from the outside could not open



Hi Konstantinos,
Here is your scenario:

Access from Internal - working

Access from outside - not working


1st, please verify as follow:

To configure protocols for administrative access to interfaces - GUI
  1. Go to Network > Interfaces.
  2. Select the interface that you want to configure administrative access for and select Edit.
  3. In the Administrative Access section, select the protocols that you want to allow an administrator to use to access the FortiGate. In your case, is HTTPS.
  4. Select OK.

2nd, please make sure you are using public IP for the WAN interface on Fortigate. Since you want to access from outside, this WAN interface should be reachable directly from outside.

Hope this help.

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