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Hello, I have an ongoing issue with iPhone users and the SSL VPN. The users connect with certificate and username/password.Through windows and android devices they connect normally.If they use iPhone they get timeout. In the fortigate logs I see this...
Hello, I have a fortigate and it is registered to forticloud. I would like to change the account it is registered to. I have done it previously through CLI, but I cannot find the correct command. I have found this page but I get an errorhttps://commu...
Hello, I have upgraded my FWs to 7.2.3 I have users that use iOS and cannot connect to VPN. Does anyone else have the same issue?What do you propose? Thanks and regards, Konstantinos
Hello, Is there a way to convert a policy based IPSEC VPN to route based? Thanks and regards, Konstantinos
Hello, I have created a full tunnel SSL VPN for a group of AD and the relevant policy. When a user is trying to connect he gets an error message. Have you seen it? What could be the error? Thanks and regards, Konstantinos
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