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How to block Google search games?

Google came out with this great convenient feature that allows users to just play a game after a search.

i.e. : searching Google for "snake game" will bring up an easily playable game right there in the search results. See attached photo.


Is there a way for the Firewall Web Filtering to block this?

Another option I had was to through out an AdBlocker extension and specifically block that element on all the student computers but they could just open another browser and it would be way too much work.

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It looks like I might be able to use the Web Content Filter. I wonder If I can tie that to specific webpages...

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Yes. In your webfilter profile, add a URL filter of type wildcard with action set to block for "*game*"

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This is a difficult one because you can block and block and block, but the kids will always be one step ahead of you, and there are more of them than you. Block what you can while relying on teachers to tell you what else to block.

In my district, we use GoGuardian Teacher. Instead of submitting tickets to block websites, teachers can block websites in their classrooms.

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Thanks to all the commentators of this thread! I've been looking for a long time for a way to turn off the automatic transition to games after a Google request. This made it difficult to find the right pages and annoyed me. I have a fairly old computer. I don't want to waste time loading unnecessary games. When I want to play, I go to my favorite site with relaxing games and play there. I don't need stupid Google mini-games. I like to play online solitaire games on the site where I've saved all the previous sessions and created an account, you know. Your shutdown method worked. Thanks, dmcquade. I'm grateful that such people exist on this forum.

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Google's search games feature can be a fun and convenient way to play games while searching. But I understand why you might want to block it on student computers. One way to stop it is web filtering with a firewall, you can secure a specific URL of the search games feature. In general, I like games, especially gambling, because they help me relax and take a break from the stresses of everyday life.

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