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GUI Bug importing scripts

There seems to be a bug with the GUI after importing scripts that populates addresses and Address groups.  Address groups will show empty members and search will spin forever.  Browser such as Firefox and Chrome will start to have errors like


Cannot read property ‘includes’ of undefined sourceID is undefined


I was able to reproduce this with different Fortigate models running v6.4.1

Only way to fix to reboot.

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6.4.2 is out and I would *strongly* recommend upgrading.  6.4.x is a bit immature to have in production anywhere even still, but I was tired of waiting for the garbage that is 6.2.x to get fixed and was still stuck on 6.0.x.  6.4.1 was a disaster for us, but now that 6.4.2 is out things are much better.


Do you mean scripts that you could put into the actual CLI not just the CLI in the browser?  Is the workaround to use the CLI anyway?



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