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Is One-Armed Sniffer supported under HA configurations? Can I connect SPAN port on the switch to a small switch and connect my one-armed sniffer ports from each of HA Fortigate member to the switch?
What feature is supported for One-armed Sniffer? Is SSL certificate inspection supported? Is SSL deep inspection supported?
I have two devices (a server and workstation) that use software that broadcast to communicate with each other on the same subnet. This works if they are both wired. If I connect the laptop wirelessly to FortiAPs controlled by FortiWLC which lands the...
How do I create a dataset timeline for thread feed blocked? I have a fortigate policy that blocks IPs obtained from Thread feed. I would like to know in FortiAnalyzer how to create a dataset that counts the number of blocks by this policy daily over ...
How do I get Fortigate to email Anomaly alert such as DDoS attack?I configured DDoS policy and tested flooding attack. It shows the attack in the Anomaly Log. How do I get it to send alerts email? The Automation Stitch doesn't seem to have an Anomaly...