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Forward traffic from Fortigate not showing on FortiAnalyzer

I have a FortiAnalyzer collecting logs from my entire network. However, I'm encountering an issue with three FortiGate devices that show an active connection and are sending logs to the FAZ. When I attempt to view the Forward Traffic logs on the FortiGate (selecting FAZ as the source) or directly on the FAZ itself, I receive a "No records found" message. Interestingly, when I switch to viewing System events, all logs are visible, leading me to believe that it's not a connection problem but rather a specific issue with Forward Traffic logs not being displayed. 


FGT are on 7.2.7

FAZ are on 7.4.1

Captura de tela 2024-04-18 192502.pngSystem EventsSystem EventsFoward TrafficFoward TrafficCaptura de tela 2024-04-18 191948.png


Hi Please check if same logs  showing in fortigate disk/memory ? 


try to change below setting on fortigate and test.

config log fortianalyzer settings
set reliable enable


Check KB







Hi msolanki,


Changed to reliable but still not working, and yes I can see the logs on disk/memory.


On the FAZ size, when I try to check the logs on FortiView > Traffic nothing show up, but on the Log View > Traffic I can see the log files on the FAZ, apparently the FAZ is not able to performing the "get" operation to display the logs.


Please review the following article:


Also select only one device and change to realtime and at the same time correlate under the FGT what is Log & Report > Local/Forward traffic.



Hi Vraev,


The conectivity between the FGTs and the FAZ is alright, I followed the article and still not working. 


When I changed the ADOM on the FAZ, changing the type of Security to Fortigate, resolved the problem for one hour, then stop working again 

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in the fortianalyzer: logs>events> I find various information such as: system events, user events, vpn events, security rating, HA events among others but with respect to "routers events" I cannot locate it. in the fortigate if this information is found in the logs .


Hello  @dzequimassai ,


Thank you for contacting the Fortinet Forum portal.

Can you please if the device is on HA ? there is a known issue on 7.2.7 to view logs for fortianalyzer ID : 932537

-Also verify if the same forward logs can be seen in fortianalyzer if yes please check the below article :



Best regards,



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Hi mpeddalla,


The three FGTs are on 7.2.6, and the logs are set to real time, I followed the article, but no matter what time period I select, still nothing show up.

The only time when worked was when I changed the ADOM on the FAZ, changing the type of Security to Fortigate, resolved the problem for one hour, then stop working again


Additionally to all the said above - check that Fortigates do not have log sending filters configured. 

show log fortianalyzer filter

Yuri  blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.
Yuri blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.

Hi Yurisk,


The command return nothing, what leaves to believe that we have no filters, thus sending everything.


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