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Fortigate Licenses : non comercial use

Hi there,


I'm new on this forum, so i apologies in advance if my post isn't in the right place or if my language isn't appropriate enough (isn't my mother tongue). It isn't a proper technical question but I'm a bit lost about how i can contact fortinet.

So, I'm finishing my degree in Belgium and for my  last work as a student in the school, i will work in virtualized environment.

I read lightly the EULA of fortinet but i couldn’t get / find the intel i need.


Does fortinet allow users to use fortigate 60D/E without licenses ? In a legal way ?


I don't need all the functionality that come with the license and my financial pocket are pretty low but my work will be official and public so i have to be sure that everything i do and all i use is in the respect of the law and licenses.

Currently i work on a virtual fortigate who shut down every 10 - 15 days then i automatically import last configuration every time.

This works for me but I'm afraid to be fairway of the "fair use" ^^. Thank's you in advance to everone who coud help me on that,


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Okay if you want to use a vm-instance you can get a demo license but that would have a time limit. It's also know as trial license


2nd a hardware component can be operated without a license ( subscription ) , you can find user gear via reseller or ebay.


3rd you can do a PAYGO on host of cloud-compute if you wanted to stroke a instance and test features and need longer than  the 15 day trial license


4th you can download the ova from support and operate a trial-license good for up to 15 days


last you if you want to look at any fortinet stuff a demo site exist RO for just about everything that FTNT has out


Ken Felix Security Blog: FTNT fortinet demos (


Ken Felix




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There is no such thing "illegal" hardware D/E series firewall - when reseller/partner buys a Fortigate for end customer, once it leaves the Fortinet premises/logistics it is being, first auto registered to the reseller account on the Fortinet site, and second its Support/Updates subscription being auto started as activated on first Internet connection or 90 days (?) after shipping.  

So, even if you buy 2nd hand Forti, which is registered to its original owner as Fortinet sees it, it does not make this Fortigate "illegal", you just can't renew its Support/Subscription contracts, but firewall will continue working just fine (although w/o updates).  This is how I see this, if you mean to get lawyer's input on this I doubt you will find them on this forum.


You are not giving enough of your OPSEC to be more specific (what are your threat model?), so on a practical side of things - no, Fortinet have no way of recording whether you spun just once your downloaded FGT VM with embedded 15 days license or 15 times.  I can hardly imagine, not to say cite, a situation where ANY vendor would be financially interested/motivated to go after fair or not fair demo/learning usage of their gear, especially given that they have no means of tracking this ...


Yuri  blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.
Yuri blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.
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Congrats on that big step! Let u know how it goes

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