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Fortigate Firewall ressources consumption for each client

Hello fortinet community, 

is there is a way to know how many ressources each client is using from firewall as matérial. 

for exemple i have firewall 401F, where configured vpn, routes, ACL but we know each client has his spécifique  consumation based on type of throughput made.

i am asking what parameters to take en consideration to say client X is consumming % from my firewall.

i have tried to see this request in terms of numbers policies, static routes, vpn but i found the formule is some no logical, i tried it with bandwith & number of session using fortianalyser but that is not possible because fortianalyser made analyse for top session, top users, top vpn,  but my request is for all client. 

has anyone of you been confronted with this ?

thank you 



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Curious what value this information would give on a per client level?  I suppose you could go to the sessions table filter one a single device/source IP and count the number of connections.  Then generate a percentage based on the total number of sessions in the sessions table.


but the type of data circuling is not the same even if the number of session, i am so confuse of taking bandwith as based calculs & ignoring other packages(acl,vpn,routes, cpu , ram) that are from principal criterion to buy new firewall 


Right, this is really not worth your time IMHO.  Each client is so different with what they are doing, where they are going, number of sessions, is a VPN involved, etc.  I would just review the FortiGate datasheets based on bandwidth for your expected needs and not worry about the "per client" resource consumption.


You can create custom report in FAZ for this. You just need to be comfortable with SQL.


Also why are you seeking this info?

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