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Fortigate 60F monitoring WAN interfaces



We have 2 WAN interfaces, but experience occasional disconnects on the network. We want to rule out WAN issues and monitor them, but can't see any option to do so.


We have a Fortigate 60F running 7.4.0 build2360 and enabled the SD-WAN feature. However, we are unable to create a zone or select the WAN interfaces to be added. I tried following the SD-WAN guide, but we already get stuck at selecting the interfaces.


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You can't add the interfaces to the SD-WAN engine if they are references anywhere else in the firewall config (routing, policies, etc.).  They need to be removed from those areas, added to SD-WAN, and then you can recreate all of those objects.  


That being said SD-WAN won't be some magical fix for your issue.  "occasional disconnects" meaning what?  Clients?  Outbound internet?  What is your failover mechanism today between the two providers?


Also why are you running such a new version in production?


Hmm, the WAN interfaces are being referenced unforunately.

Our internet connectivity drops for several seconds and then returns, so if we can determine there is packet loss on the WAN link, that would help us verify with the provider.

We have 2 WAN links - 1 actively used for us and 1 used for guest and other tenants. If our main WAN has an outage, we manually failover (no load balancing needed).


It's a new install, so wanted to make sure I was on the latest version. This version was available for download.


Hi @CustomX 


In addition to this, in 7.4.0 FortiOS there is a feature to migrate the interface to the SDWAN without deleting all the references.


Please check the below link for configuration reference:-




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If you want to add interface to sdwan, make sure there are no references for that wan link. You can remove the references and try to add again.

Yeah sdwan can monitor the SLA of the link and generate alerts when the link is down.



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