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Deploy Multiple Fortigate KVM In Eve-NG



Since the new update, I need to register my Fortigate kvm image with an evaluation license that binds to my email.


The thing is I can only add that one registered kvm in my eve-ng, if I want to add multiple Fortigate kvm image and try to access via GUI, it will ask me to register again, which I tried using the same email I use before and can't!


Please let me know if this is normal, or if the only solution is I just need to register using a different email.

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In theory, an account can only have one evaluation license.





This is poor move !! why should there be any limit, just give us something cut down, ( like very poor performance ) , with with all the software features. ( Like VDOMS ). 
I'm just trying some routing policy on a fortigate and I think the features are missing. 
Would be OK if they supported commit confirmed. ?

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maybe you can snapshot it after registration, and use the same one in different labs. 

eve-ng uses the term "commit"

Fortigate does not seem very generous here, Juniper allows you download VMs,  Firewall vSRX ,Switch vEX  and vMX router and build massive labs in eve-ng, this really helps with early POC work. 
I'm currently going round in circules trying to prove some simple routing policy on a Fortigate VM as a mistake in production would be big deal.

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Your argument is very important, I believe that Fortinet could be more flexible in this situation.

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