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VPN ssl connection in fortigate

Friends, a question.
In the fortianalyzer I have been checking the connections of SSL VPN users to find out what country each one comes from and from where they are connecting to the VPN.

I have filtered in the fortianalyzser but all vpn ssl connections give me the country "USA" as a result.
Of which this is not correct since there is a user from other countries
I did a test with my user (I'm connecting from a country other than the US) but it still shows that my user is connecting from the US.



Why does this happen?

What I need is to create a report in the fortianalyzer so that it can show me the countries from which the users connect to the ssl vpn


Hi @unknown1020 


Thank you for posting your query.


In this case, it would be a good idea to check first the GEO IP query on FortiGate for the SSL VPN connection source IP.




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Thanks for answering friend.
but they are all vpn ssl connections that in the fortianalyzer show up as ee.uu

However, when I go to fortianalyzer > fortiview, it shows me the connections, the public IPs of each countryScreenshot_5.jpg