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Fortigate 200D Hard Reset

How do I reset my Fortigate 200D with the Reset Button? I have tired multiple times, but the old settings are still there.


Could someone help me out please?






The steps below can be used to reset a FortiGate 200D by pressing the reset button:


Find the reset button on the FortiGate 200D device's back.

For approximately 10 seconds, push and hold the reset button with a paper clip or other similar object.

The device will restart, and as it boots up, the status LEDs will blink.

The device ought to be set up in its default settings once it has finished starting up.


You might need to do a factory reset if the old settings are still intact after the reset. Connect a console cable to the FortiGate and enter the following CLI command to accomplish this.


execute factoryreset


By doing this, all configurations will be erased and the Fortigate's default settings will be applied.




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It did not work also, the reset button is on the front and not in the back. I am not sure why I am unable to reset it. Also, where do I get this console cable that you mentioned? Could you provide me a link and also a step by step in how to use it?


The reset button might be an NMI on that hardware.


I assume you do not have SSH or HTTP access to the unit? Forgotten password?


You'll need a console cable. Pretty standard things in the enterprise networking world. Example:


Here's some instructions on how to use it once you have it:



You can connect to your Fortigate via MGMT interface and reset your Fortigate via cli.

with exe factoryreset and yes you reset your Fortigate.


Keep in mind that a factory reset by reset button will only work for a certain time after a reboot of the FGT. When this period has expired it will be disabled and you will need to reboot again to re-enable it.

Unfortunately it doesn't tell you on gui. I suggest connecting a serial console to the FGT then you see if it does reset or if the button got disabled again.


"It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

-- "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams
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I just ordered this cable. Hopefully, it is the right one.

I will keep you posted.



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