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Fortigate 110C


I have 110C and would like to know if it is possible to assign to each port different DHCP ?

I can see the option in newer version of this hardware - can I do it also with this firewall?

I want to be able to create 3 different DHCP -

Port 1 - 192.168.5.x

Port 2 - 192.168.6.x

both using same WAN


is it possible ?

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That basic feature has been there even with "A" or "B" version of hardware if I remember correctly. It should work and you just need to try it since you have it already.

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Yes, it will.

How do I know? Get the "FortiGate® Maximum Values" document for your version of FortiOS. I checked FOS v4.3 and the 110C supports 40 DHCP servers per VDOM. Way enough.


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