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FortiSwitch Trunk interface, "bundle" setting explained


I came across this CLI command; set bundle enable/disable.

Can anyone explain to be what this does?


Adding member-ports to a trunk interface, and choosing the LACP mode already "bundles" physical ports to one logical port, so what is the "bundle" command used for?


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set bundle {enable | disable} Enable/disable Link Aggregation Group (LAG) bundling for non-FortiLink interfaces.


Bundling provides additional tunning of the aggregation link, by allowing you to specify the minimum/maximum number of member ports you want up for your trunk to be active. When it is enabled (i.e. set bundle enable), new CLI directives min_bundle and max_bundle become available to specify these thresholds. Note that if the number of member ports is greater than the max_bundle value, the extra ports are set in standby mode and will be active only when one of the member ports is lost.

Alain Forcioli

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