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FortiEDR on Personal Work Computer

I am a IT contractor. I run my own business. I work for several clients. One client is insisting I install FortiEDR on MY company laptop. Laptop that is my property. This is as far as I understand to securely connect to SSL Web Portal and then connect to "JumpBox" where I do work for them.

What have read about the kind of information FortiEDR collects and send to my client to ensure some form of security, I dont feel comfortable with this. I know most System Administrators don't bother looking at everyone's issues. My uTorrent dont work anymore. And my connections to other clients' Azure Firewall are also not working.

According to them this is the only way forward from now on.

Should I be concerned? I even demanded they then supply me with a company laptop.

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I work with different customers since many years and never seen such request from any of them.

I think customer should never ask you to install something on your laptop to comply with his security policy. He can however ask you to use only his equipment to access his network.