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FortiClient EXE/MSI Force Reboot, ignoring parameters

Hi there,

We're currently in the middle of deploying FortiClient 6.4.4 or 6.4.5 upgrading 6.2.8 but have noticed the installers are forcing a reboot no matter what parameters we mention even /norestart


Would like to know if anyone else is also experiencing the same?



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Same here, the installer exe or MSI bypasses the arguments REBOOT=ReallySupress or /norestart

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Same problem here... does anyone have any solutions? I also have tried msi and .exe and machines reboot every time.


Forget it... they have it marked as a known issue in the release notes.

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Hi JarradW,

We experienced the same with upgrade from 6.4 to whatever later version of 6.4.

Same issue with 6.4 to 7.x.x, which means that this behaviour is still present in the last version of Forticlient...


I'm quite interesting also for a workaround or anything else!


Hi JarradW.


I had the same issue when trying to use the downloaded Deployment Package to update our customer FortiClient estate from 6.2.7 to 6.4.5 directly, or via Microsoft Intune (customers setup).


I got around it by using Deployment & Installers --> Manage Deployment in EMS (6.4.4). This meant I could push the update to endpoints and prompt the end user to "Reboot Now" or "Reboot Later".

There are other options within the deployment configuration to "Start at a Scheduled Time", "Reboot When No Users Are Logged In", etc... but I haven't tried any of these.


Just be aware that one the update starts, the endpoint becomes Un-Managed in EMS until the end user reboots. Many times I've had end users selecting "Reboot Later", then not rebooting (or just shutting down) till the end of the day.


Hope this helps. 

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Same behavior over here, making updates a really terrible experience.


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