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Does anyone have any custom application signatures for the Peacock TV Network? I'd like to see something official from Fortiguard.
I block "untrusted CA's" in my SSL inspection profiles. I noticed that the CA letsencrypt is not listed as a "trusted" CA within the system so there are issues getting to sites that use letsencrypt. Does anyone know if it's possible to add trusted CA...
Does anybody know how to make a filter in a report not case insensitive? I'm trying to filter for user, and in my system the users show up various ways and the filter seems to be case sensitive. Thanks!
Trying to make a simple activity report that will show me users that have tried to go to a certain category like Pornography. I got to the point where I have the list of sites, dates, etc.... but I can get the user info to appear. You'd think there w...
Hello I'm new to the Fotigate as I recently switched from Palo Alto. Is there a formal process with Fortinet to suggest updates to the ISDB. I was going to use the ISDB for Meraki-Cisco, but their address list is incomplete. Meraki posts updates in t...
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