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Forticlient VPN unlicensed

On a Mac (Monterey), with Forticlient VPN only, version, I just noticed the warning:


Unlicensed VPN access is available until May 26, 2022 2:58:23 PM


As I understood it, the VPN only client didn't require licensing.  Is the warning telling me the client will stop working as of May 26th?  Why?


Hi Team,



If its VPN only it will not ask for license. I will request you to uninstall the existing one and download again forticlient VPN only from this path: > Firmware downloads > FortiClient > MAC> select version

Name should be:FortiClient702VPN

Please check and keep us posted

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I'm not sure if you meant to specify a URL for download, but I went to, created an account, but when I tried going to Firmware Downloads, I'm told

Sorry, you don't have any product covered by Fortinet support contract.

Are you suggesting that I should just download a newer version to avoid any licensing issues?


Be sure you are installing ForticlientVPN, this is the one you can use for free.


our support portal is only avaliable for active costumer, you will need to register any product to have access to download section, however you can download FCVPN

on this link

Secure Access Team LATAM TAC

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