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FortiClient 7.0.1 Disconnecting home wifi

Hello, I have a few users that can use their home wifi without issue until they attempt to connect to FortiClient. Once they successfully authenticate they receive a Forticlient down message and can't browse the web or anything WAN. Once they disconnect form Forticlient they have full WAN connectivity again. Banging head on wall right now so if you have any thoughts I would appreciate them, thanks!

Can you try latest version of FortiClient?

Also, is there anything special about the users that are having problems? Do they run same OS?


What is the exact error message they get when tunnel is down? And even after this error, the FortiClient still shows connected? (ie. they have to still select "Disconnect" to fix/)


More details are always helpful.


Do the users have a problem with accessing the Internet when the VPN is connected?

There are two things that need to be modified on the VPN setting. First is "Split tunneling" which specifies which traffic goes through the tunnel. The second is "DNS Split Tunneling" which controls DNS requests.

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