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After upgrading to FortiOS 7.4, I am getting a notification to migrate the configuration when logging in with GUI. Is it necessary? What does it affect?
We have a problem with WAF and Load balancer cascaded for Web servers. The Apache Tomcat web servers reply with a redirect status code 302 with the location field containing the URL configured in it.I need to know:- The WAF modifies which levels or p...
When accessing Web servers through load balancer, the URL change to Physical Server IP. How to hide the physical server IP?
We are doing the installation of FortiMail-2000B for a customer. The customer already has Microsoft Exchange. They need to do the installation for FortiMail-2000B as a backup mail server for Microsoft Exchange. They need FortiMail-2000B to sync all m...
I' m confused. To convert an IP address to Hex value to be added as DHCP option. Should I use Ascii to Hex converter or Decimal to Hex converter and convert the bytes? They give different results.
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