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Forcing site to site altime UP



I'm trying to site to site VPN to be up all the time even when there is no traffic

I went through this KB but didn't help

What happens here is that our S2S goes down from time to time , if there is no traffic or after specific amount of time , and goes UP under two conditions:

1- If I manually bring it up.

2- If there is a traffic.


How can make it all the time up?


I'm running FGT1000D v.5.6.11

The other side is Checkpoint - not managing it and absolutely will not


And here is my p1+p2 conf:


    edit "My_Customer_1"
        set type static
        set interface "Cust-1-WAN"
        set ip-version 4
        set ike-version 2
        set local-gw
        set keylife 86400
        set authmethod psk
        unset authmethod-remote
        set peertype any
        set passive-mode disable
        set exchange-interface-ip disable
        set mode-cfg disable
        set proposal aes256-sha1
        set localid ''
        set localid-type auto
        set auto-negotiate enable
        set negotiate-timeout 30
        set fragmentation enable
        set dpd on-idle
        set forticlient-enforcement disable
        set comments ''
        set npu-offload enable
        set dhgrp 2
        set suite-b disable
        set eap disable
        set wizard-type custom
        set reauth disable
        set idle-timeout disable
        set ha-sync-esp-seqno enable
        set auto-discovery-sender disable
        set auto-discovery-receiver disable
        set auto-discovery-forwarder disable
        set encapsulation none
        set nattraversal enable
        set fragmentation-mtu 1200
        set childless-ike disable
        set rekey enable
        set remote-gw
        set monitor ''
        set add-gw-route disable
        set psksecret ENC
        set keepalive 10
        set dpd-retrycount 3
        set dpd-retryinterval 20



        set phase1name "My_Customer_1"
        set proposal aes128-sha1 aes256-sha1 3des-sha1 aes128-sha256 aes256-sha256 3des-sha256
        set pfs disable
        set replay disable
        set auto-negotiate enable
        set auto-discovery-sender phase1
        set auto-discovery-forwarder phase1
        set keylife-type seconds
        set encapsulation tunnel-mode
        set comments ''
        set protocol 0
        set src-addr-type subnet
        set src-port 0
        set dst-addr-type subnet
        set dst-port 0
        set keylifeseconds 43200
        set src-subnet
        set dst-subnet


Valued Contributor

i dont see the keepalive enable in the phase2 you show


Because of "set auto-negotiate enable".

If this setting is enabled then keepalive disappears from phase2 settings.

But i tried that also.


Valued Contributor

ah, what do you see when you do a debug vpn? do you see the phase 2 being attempted or not at all?


if not then i would open a support case because that should happen.


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