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Hi We are facing this issue that the FAC is rejecting CSR generated from our IIS server, and giving this error messageImport has failed: module 'lib' has no attribute 'X509_delete_ext' If I generate the CSR let say from another OS , linux for example...
Hi What is the difference between:set additional-path-select<#> under config router bgp andset adv-additional-path <#>under config neighbor attached screenshot Also, I sow on the other peer this:set additional-path receiveI disable it by:set addition...
Has anyone faced issue with SCEP in FGT VDOM mode ? I have two environments where I use SCEPone environment has fortigate and fortiauthenticator , while the fortigate is not in vdom mode . And I use there SCEP for auto certificate enrollment and its ...
Hi I'm trying to site to site VPN to be up all the time even when there is no trafficI went through this KB but didn't help happens here is that our S2S goes down from time to time , if t...
Hello Can someone explain to me differences between setting bfd in BGP and setting fast-external-failoverNot configuration level, but operational level?
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