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Firmware download

Good evening I have bought a Fortigate 200d with Firmware v5.6.6 build1630 (GA) it's used I have admin access and would like to reset it but can't do it without a OS/firmware I contacted support and they have advised me to post here to see if some one in the community can help. I will be using it as at firewall for home. But it has configs on it and I have been deleting them for the past 2 hours and there are still some and figured it would be faster and more clean to do it that way. I would take any OS that works with the appliance.


Thank you.




Hi Chris,


The 200D can take 6.0.17 Firmware, i will not go beyond that, and you can download the firmware from site. log into --- Support ---- Firmware Download, then select Firmware version 6.0 nevigate inside the directory and then select the appropriate firmware version "FGT_200D-v6-build0528-FORTINET.out"

 The Upgrade path is given below;


Recommended Upgrade Path

Following is the recommended FortiOS migration path for your product.
Version Build Number
5.6.6 1630
5.6.8 1672
5.6.11 1700
5.6.13 1714
6.0.17 0528


Alternatively you can also factory reset the firewall using the command at the CLI "exec factory reset"


Good evening

I have bought a Fortigate 200d , firmware 5.48 i think was the last on intalled on it

it's used , i have no licence on it 

i intend to use it on my home

the problem it s stock on boot , and whithout a firmware i can t make it work

if somebody can help me with a firmware please

thank s alot

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After 4 hours lol I figured what I had to delete to do a factoryreset and it worked I had ports that pointed to a vdom that I couldn't delete only after I associated the ports to root was I able to delete the vdom and do a execute factoryreset. :) so happy now.


Hi @Chrous ,

Glad to hear the issue is resolved. The solution is moved the ports to root VDOM. Then run "exe factoryreset"

Thank you for sharing the solution to the community.

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