FortiGate Next Generation Firewall utilizes purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard labs to deliver top-rated protection and high performance, including encrypted traffic.
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This article explains how to reset a FortiGate to factory defaults.



This command works on FortiGates and FortiProxys.



This procedure clears all changes made to the FortiGate configuration and resets the system to its original configuration with the default factory settings.

It does not change the firmware version or the antivirus or IPS  attack definitions.
There is also an option to reset FortiGate to factory settings without losing management access.
A FortiGate Device can be reset to Factory defaults by using the CLI interface. This reset will remove all configurations. It will be out of the box condition. Direct access to FortiGate will be needed to access it.
1. Open an SSH to the system and execute the following command:
execute factoryreset
2. A warning will appear.
This operation will reset the system to factory default!
Do you want to continue? (y/n)
3. The system will reboot and will load a basic configuration.

Factory reset without losing management access
This option will reset the device to factory settings except for VDOM, interface, and static route settings.
This means that after resetting, FortiGate will not have any firewall policies, IPsec settings, but it will be possible to access the FortiGate remotely on its IP address.
This option is available only in CLI:
1. Open a SSH to the system and execute the following command:
execute factoryreset2
2. A warning will appear:
execute factoryreset2
This operation will reset the system to factory default except!
Do you want to continue? (y/n)
After reboot, FortiGate will be in factory settings but with management access.
All administrators will be removed and FortiGate can be accessed with the default username.