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Failed connection with Fortinet Fortigate 310B


I have Fortniet Fortigate 310B.I buy this, because I need make a VPN connection. It is of course not a new unit, but used.  And now I have problems with connection with this unit.

First: according instruction in internet I connect ethernet cable to Port 1, set the host IP:, but Port 1 is inactive. No connection in this way.

Second way: I connect serial cable to console port, configure COM1 to 9600/8/1/none/none, start PuTTY, PuTTY is conected to Fortinet.

And now I see serial numner, and login, and a question mark.So I type: admin <Enter>, password <Enter> (without of password).

I try type "admin", "Admin","ADMIN", ....always "Login incorrect".

In instruction is, login: admin, password: none (just press Enter).

The seller assured that the device is reset to factory settings.

Factory settings are: admin/none.


What I am dooing wrong?



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a. There are guides on how to recover lost admin password. > google

b. FGT 310B is end of life,, end of support, end of everything

c. Cannot be upgraded to versions that resolve critical vulnerabilities

>>> sorry but very bad choice , due to VPN firewall will be exposed to these vulnerabilities.



If all else fails, use the force !

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-------------------------------------------- If all else fails, use the force !

(shamelessly copied from Flexible's post 2012-Apr-11):


To reset the FortiGate unit password 1. Connect the terminal to the FortiGate unit using the null modem cable.

- any Cisco type serial DB9-to-RJ45 cable will do

- should be at 9600/8/N/1, if not, try other speeds up to 115k until you get a prompt


NOW: power OFF the FGT! next step will only work for a short period of time (seconds) after a power up!


2. Log on at the console* with

username: "maintainer"

password: bcpbFG300B3910602455 You must enter the alphabetic characters of the serial number ...exactly as given, that is, in upper case 3. Enter the following commands: config system admin    edit admin       set password <mypassword>    end

4. Log off, and on again as "admin"/<mypassword>. The maintainer cannot do much except for resetting the admin password.

5. in the CLI: "exec factoryreset" to clean the config up

6. the default IP address is now


Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

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Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

You've got v4.3.5, published Feb 2, 2012.

The latest v4.3 build is v4.3.19, from Nov 9, 2016.

The latest version available for a FG-310B is v5.2.15, released Oct 23, 2019.


For upgrading, you need a valid contract which is a prerequisite for logging in to the support portal where you can download firmware images. So, firmware and signature updates for not for free.

A 1-year-FortiCare contract is about 1890 EUR plus sales tax. (Still available!!)


I'd say if you want to use the FGT as VPN gateway you don't need to upgrade. Who's asking for AV signature updates for such ancient hardware, and for free?

Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

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Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
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OK. Really I am green... Thanks for advice!


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