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FSSO issue when user connected to wired and wireless via docking station


I'm working with a client who have recently migrated to Fortigate firewalls running 7.0.13 and using FSSO (agent based) for rules to be based on AD group membership.

On the whole this is working fine apart from users who connect via a docking station. These users are effectively connected in parallel to the wired and wireless networks. This is mostly OK, but occasionally, for some reason, the wired IP to username mapping disappears from the Fortigate FSSO list which stops them being able to access the Internet  because all the traffic is using the wired adapter but the FTG only has a record for the wireless adapter IP address.

We can fix the issue by disabling wireless. Even if we then re-enable wireless it's OK but it will fail at some random point in the future.

The wired connection is part of the docking station rather than directly in the laptop which may limit what we can do with GPO to disable wireless when wired is connected (maybe? maybe not?).

Anyone seen this and have a resolution please?

Many thanks!!

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