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Hello,I'm working with a client who have recently migrated to Fortigate firewalls running 7.0.13 and using FSSO (agent based) for rules to be based on AD group membership.On the whole this is working fine apart from users who connect via a docking st...
Hello! I can't find info regarding the resource requirement (CPU, Memory, Disk) for the FSSO DC Agents and Collector Agents. Can anyone point me in the direction of a document that details this information please? I know it's... "not much" but I'm wo...
Hi,Cisco have a "Gold Star" recommended image for most of their products which makes it easy to choose what version of IOS to install as you can be confident that the gold star image is the most stable version with the fewest bugs.Where can I find th...
Hi all, I have a customer that are using SAML authc with Azure for SSL VPN connections which is working well. They would like to use clients certificates as another authentication factor. Is this possible when using SAML? Many thanks in advance!
Hello,We are using FortiClient for SSL VPN, centrally managed via an EMS server.I can't find a way of silently enabling the Always Up feature from EMS (so that if a user loses the network, FortiClient is automatically reconnect when the network is ba...
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