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Info or Not secure - Fortigate

My school is starting up an esports program next year, so I'm trying to kind of prepare things ahead of time (making sure we can get to esports related sites, play the games they plan on, etc).


Any and all sites that deal with games display "Info or Not secure". It doesn't matter if it's game news, game stores, etc. I was trying to just sort out one site and got it to partially work. "" will sometimes partially load, other times "Info or Not secure". Sometimes it will totally load, but if you try to login you'll get a "use a supported browser" (tried Firefox, Chrome, and Edge). On the same laptop I could connect to my phone's hotspot and view Twitch just fine.


I also tried importing the certificates into the browsers.


It wouldn't work at all before on the network, but i added a static url filter for and selected allow.  If it doesn't load I can spam refresh on the page and get a partial load of the page. One time out of a hundred it might actually load a stream.


Any tips or advice to help me out would be appreciated, I'm not a firewall pro obviously. My experience is pretty much creating an exception for an application. I'm not sure what all information might help someone help me, so please just let me know what to share. Our firmware is v6.4.9 build 1966 (GA), wasn't sure if that was needed.


Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi CatHairez,

What you're describing sounds like a certificate error. That right?
The only thing I can think of now is deep inspection messing with twitch.

Is that enabled on the firewall policy, allowing this traffic?
If it is, and you don't need it, change it to certificate inspection instead.
Any better?

If it's only games category having this issue, other setting like Application Control, DNS Filter and Web Filter could also cause this. Is any of these enabled on the firewall policy?
But you should get a message in the browser like: blocked by DNS filter, category games. Or a similar warning.

Look into Security Profiles, do you have any custom Profiles, or are the default ones changed?
Default Security Profiles allow games category.

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good question

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