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Export / Import DHCP Lease Fortigate 80E to Fortigate 80F


I'd like to export and import my DHCP-generated IP addresses from a Fortigate 80 E to a Fortigate 80 F.
I'm actually changing hardware, and I've used the FortiConvertor for configuration without any problem, but I'd like to know what I can do for the DHCP service IPs.
I know how to extract the information from my old Fortigate using the #execute dhcp lease-list command or by using the API and extracting a JSON file, but how can I reimport all this into my new Fortigate 80F?
I've opened a support ticket in parallel, but they're telling me to use CLI Script, but I've no idea how to go about it.
So I'm looking forward to your help and feedback :)

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Not sure you can import DHCP lease, but sure you can import DHCP reservations under config system dhcp server > edit # > config reserved-address.
If you really need to to import DHCP lease then I suggest to convert them to DHCP reservations.