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FortiSandbox Cloud - Fortigates not showing in Sandbox devices.

I activated a Fortisandbox cloud instance today through fortinet. I followed all the documentation I could find, but the one fortigate I am testing with (this gate is fully licensed) is not showing up in the device inventory of the sandbox instance. What am I missing?  The second image below shows the gate connected to the sandbox. 






Can you confirm the region both the device are in? 

Upon inspecting the provided images, it's evident that your FortiGate device is connected to FortiSandbox Cloud but isn't reflecting in its device inventory. Firstly, ensure that your FortiGate device's license is active and valid, as licensing discrepancies can lead to such issues. Sometimes, synchronization delays occur; give it a moment, then refresh the FortiSandbox Cloud dashboard. If the issue persists, consider disconnecting and then reconnecting the FortiGate device. The selected region in the Cloud Sandbox Settings should also correspond with where your FortiGate device is registered. Check your firewall rules on the FortiGate to ensure no blocks are set for FortiSandbox Cloud communication. Review FortiGate logs, as they might offer clues on connectivity issues. Confirm that both the FortiGate device and FortiSandbox Cloud have compatible software versions, and ensure your FortiGate has the necessary API access to the FortiSandbox Cloud. If all these measures fail to resolve the issue, reaching out to Fortinet support would be a prudent next step, ensuring you're equipped with the latest Fortinet guidelines during the process.

Siddhanth Poojary
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